What is a commuter bike? – Explained

What is a commuter bike? If you live within a 30 mile radius from where you work and are fed up with the train/ bus or even the car then you should seriously consider a commuter bike.

‘You must be joking!’ I can hear you say! Well fortunately times have moved on and so has the electric bike market which has seen exponential growth in the past 12 months.

Gone are the days where you would turn up to work sweaty, out of breath and exhausted which lets face it, is not a good look and the main reason why most of us avoid at all costs, however ebikes have changed the game….

More and more people are turning to electric bikes for commuting to work nowadays, especially with the pandemic and the many travel restrictions in place.

You dont even have to be fit, I know this because I do a fairly ‘Hilly’ 30 mile round trip on my commute to work 2-3 times a week and it takes me just 15 minutes longer (each way) than on the train. its great fun too, especially when the sun is out.

There really are some great options out there  to suit every riding style and budget so here are some helpful ideas, tips and reccomendations

What are the benefits of commuting on an Ebike?

There are many, but here are the main ones –

  • Cost – usually much cheaper than a car/ bus/ train in comparision
  • Health – You will still be burning the carbs and no social distancing issues ( if you currently use public transport)
  • Environment – Commuting by ebike is a much greener option
  • Wellbeing – Any form of cycling is great for your overall mental and psycological wellbeing in addition to being fun

Best ebikes for commuting – My Top Picks

Top Pick 1

Best for :Urban / Adventure – highly practical with plenty of power
Make/model : Haibike SDURO Trekking 1.0 2020 – Electric Hybrid BikeHaibike 1.0
Mid-Drive Bosch Active Plus, 50Nm Torque
What we like: Comes ‘commuter ready’ with rack, lights and mudguards
Where to buy: Tredz

The SDURO Trekking series with its comfortable geometry enable comfortable and safe riding on long-distance tours. These bikes are equipped as standard with fenders, kickstands,

powerful lighting as wellas bag mounts and thus ready for any adventure!

Giant Review


Top Pick 2Giant Explore

Best for :Urban / Adventure – Excellent ‘All Rounder’
Make/model : Giant Explore E+ 2 2021 – Electric Hybrid Bike
Giant Syncdrive Life, 60Nm Torque
What we like: Comes ‘commuter ready’ with rack, lights and mudguards/ battery integrated into the frame

==> Click Here to see my full review of the Giant Explore

Pick your destination and find joy in the journey. This new E-bike is ideal for trekking, giving you the power to ride farther with a boost that’s pure fun.

Giant Review

Top Pick 3What is a commuter bike

Best for :Urban – Seniors/ Tall & heavy Riders
Make/model : Raleigh Centros Lowstep – Electric Hybrid Bike
Motor: Bosch Activeline
What we like: Low-step frame, easy to get on

—> Click Here to see my full review of the Raleigh Centros <—


The Centros is fully equipped and packed with extra features and quality components such as disk brakes for ultimate stopping performance, reflective ebike-specific tyres, a traditional bell, adjustable
handlebar stem and 7-speed derailleur gears.

raleigh motus review





Commuting Essentials

When commuting on a bike, mudguards, lights and ideally a pannier rack are the main things you will need. If you dont fancy cycling in a suit then there are some really innovative solutions out there such as specially adapted  pannier suit bags which can fit onto almost any pannier rack.bike accessories for commuters


More Recently I reviewed the 2 Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack which I have been using for some time now – This is a quality backpack which converts into a pannier! Its the perfect size for quick trips to the office or the Gym so definately worth a look – See my review of this bag here


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What is a commuter bike – Conclusion

So taking all of the above into consideration I am hoping you will at least consider a commuter ebike as a viable alternative now that you have all the facts and some good reccomendations of what options would be suitable.

Still not convinced? Many suppliers  offer a money back guarantee so there is no risk!  Speaking from personal experience I can assure you once you get on an ebike, it will change the way you commute forever.  For more info on what is a commuter bike and to find out how you can pay up to 42% less Click Here <—

If you have any questions or would like any advice on commuter bikes then please leave a comment below and I will be happy to help



  1. In my office.  More than half of the people now use commuter bike.  It’s quite hard these days to breeze through traffic . Especially because of the amount of cars on the road these days.  With this bike you can move easily through traffic.  I love the Haibike SDURO Trekking 1.0 2020 – Electric Hybrid Bike. That suites me 

    • Hi , Yes the Haibike’s are a great choice and well respected brand. Let me know if you need any pointers on any other models that may be suitable when the time comes as I would be happy to help. Dan

  2. Hi, I have noticed the trending popularity of e-bikes. They are a great option instead of using crowded public transport if distance to commute is not too far. I think guys will love it as its a good way to exercise while travelling to and from work, though it might be a challenge for myself, although I can ride a bike. Is a licence required to own one and ride on the roads?

    • Hi Sue and thanks for your comments, No licence needed to ride ebikes and I think you will be surprised if you tried one  – How far is your commute?

  3. Electric Bikes (ebikes) are beginning to make wave, owing to the fact that the world is trying to reduce global warming and go green by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. The world is taking a big approach with going electric for the source of driving force for vehicles. The ebike is a nice means of individual transportation.

    • Hi Nelson, appreciate your thoughts on this. Ebikes are a great solution to help save the planet and if you havent yet tried one then I highly recommend.

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