Bike accessories for commuters – The Essential Top Picks

For those of us who commute by bike to work, we all know how enjoyable it can be, especially in the summer months, however this is not always the case when the weather turns or when long miles in the saddle start to take their toll! so here are my top bike accessories for commuters which will hopefully help make things a little easier.

# 1- Waterproof Bike Suit Bag – bike accessories for commuters

Bike accessories for commuters

Carrying a suit on your bike using standard Pannier Bags can be a challenge  –  I always used to struggle keeping the creases out by the time I arrived at the office no matter how well I tried to fold, and pack my suit.

Well this bag by Two Wheel Gear is the perfect solution and is designed with the office worker in mind. It has storage capacity of 55 litres where you can ‘hang’ 3 garments such as your suit with enough room for your shoes and laptop also!

The bag is made out of waterproof polyester and also includes a rain cover for those particulary wet days. The Hybrid Bicycle Suit Bag will fit on almost any pannier rack as it has universal clips on the inner sides.

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Garment pannier Classic 2.1

Image Credits: 2 wheel gear

Product Details: Hybrid Bicycle Suit Bag

Garment Pannier Classic 2.1

Image Credits: 2 wheel Gear

Product Features:

  • Can carry up to 3 garments
  • suit, shirt, shoes and laptop
  • 55 Litre Capacity
  • Available in Graphite or Black
  • Waterproof



# 2 – Waterproof Bike Poncho –  bike accessories  for commutersBike accessories for commuters

Ok , so you are not going to win any awards here for making a fashion
statement however this waterproof bike Poncho really will be your best friend on those wet and windy days commuting into the office and trust me, will keep you dry.

This particular bike poncho is great because you can
actually attach it to the handlebars so the wind will not blow it up
Bike accessories for commuters into your face while riding ( which can be very dangerous).

It also has a waterproof zipper so the rain is unable to permeate keeping you completely dry.

Product Details: Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho

Product Features:Bike accessories for commuters

  • Completely Waterproof
  • Can attach to handlebars of bike
  • made from 100% breathable polyester
  • Comes with compact bag
  • Reflective lining to make you more visible to motorists
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Where to buy: Amazon

# 3 – Comfortable Saddles

Whatever you do, never let your saddle dictate how long you can ride for before it gets too uncomfortable. I hear this a lot and rider dis-comfort is usually down to having the wrong saddle for your riding position.

The same thing happened to me ,One of my Hybrid Ebikes ( Giant Explore) came with a very nice Selle Royale Saddle but after about 45 minutes by butt really did start to hurt. So I changed it for one of these from Bikeroo and it really made the world of difference and I can ride for hours on this no problem.

If you suffer from lower back pain then this one is a good choice and what I also like is that it looks quite subtle and not plastered in logos.

(As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases)

Product Details: Bikeroo Comfort Bike Saddle

Product Features:

  • Extra Wide Seatpan
  • Built in Shock Absorbers
  • Great for lower back pain sufferers
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with rain proof cover

Where to buy: Amazon


#4 – Pannier Backpack 2 in 1bike accessories for commuters

Our friends at 2 wheel gear sent us one of their Pannier Backpacks to review so we did a full feature of this bag.

Its perfect for the commuter or to use for quick trips to the store or the Gym which clips on and off the bike with ease – Or you can just use it as a backpack!

Either way its a great quality every day bag that is duel purpose and great value for money

Product Details: 2 Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack

Product Features:

  • 2 in 1 / dual purpose backpack or pannier
  • Waterproof – Comes with rain cover
  • Great quality material
  • Fits on to any bike rack
  • Plenty of space including padded laptop pocket

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Bike accessories for commuters – Summary

I hope you find the above bike accessories for commuters useful as they have served me well so far and I will be adding to this list in due course. In the meaantime please do leave a comment below if you have also used any of the above products or any similar that you would like to share, otherwise let me know if you need any pointers or advice as I would be happy to help.

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  1. Really interesting I am not a everyday bike commuter but I do ride a bike for great cardio.I think you site is straight to the point which is about also transmitting supplies that are needed as I commute.I love the idea of having the things that I need to help my day function properly.

    • Thanks for your comment Charlotte, I agree, riding any kind of bike is a great cardio workout. Dan

  2. I like riding a bike, that is really relaxing for me, and also great exercise. Thank you for sharing these details about bike accessories, it is helpful especially for bike commuters.

    Kind regards!                                                                                           

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